Samantha Chang Women’s Home Apparel Lace Cup Ballerina Gown

HOME is a modern lifestyle collection that is designed to be worn at home, to sleep in but also can be worn out leisurely. The collection features a modal like fabric made with a Japanese yarn called Miyabe which is finer than silk and cashmere…


(as of 02/22/2018 at 00:30 UTC)

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HOUSE is a modern way of living collection that is made to be used in your home, to sleep in yet also can be worn leisurely. The collection showcases a modal like material made with a Japanese thread called Miyabe which is finer than silk and also cashmere. It has a supple touch and also is anti-pilling, device cleanable as well as could be tumble dried. Some styles we incorporate with our soft stretch shoelace from our All Shoelace collection. The stretch lace is comfortable and also helpful.