Lady Slim Fajas Colombianas 4 Hooks Latex Waist Cincher Trainer Trimmer Corset Weight Loss Body Shaper Black 3XL

The waist cincher waist trainer immediately creates a beautiful curvy shape. This high compression shapewear smooths the silhouette and instantly removes up to five inches from the waist and abdomen through compression and perspiration. The waist cincher is supported with two reinforced columns of hook and eye closures down the center of the abdomen. This posture correcting piece supports your spine, reducing back pain. The latex waist cincher rises to just below the breast so you can wear your favorite bra with this piece. Perfectly pairing form and function, the latex Waist Cincher compresses without sacrificing comfort. BEST WAY TO PUT YOUR CINCHER ON: For first time users it is always better to lay down in the floor, sofa or bed and start closing your cincher from the Bottom Up. Other effective way is to have your friend or partner help you making pressure on both side the sides of the waist trimmer while you start closing the clips from the button up. Please note that this Waist Band Cincher has been designed to expand up to five inches, it is difficult at first but keep trying it will be second nature once you are used to do it.PLEASE USE THE SIZE CHART WE PROVIDED AND NOT FROM AMAZON. NOTE: Please do not choose based on other buyers experience, your body is unique. To properly choose your size, measure your waistline and choose based on the measurement indicated on the size chart. This corset is one of the waist trainers for women who have long torso but is not recommended to women taller than 5’8″.
ITEM DESCRIPTION: High Quality durable 4 Hooks Latex Waist Trainer Cincher for Women Made in Colombia. This Waist Cincher will reduce up to three inches from your waist instantly. The flexible boning provides the structure that allows the latex cincher to help you correct your posture. It also helps to avoid the cincher from rolling up when you seat or move. The 4 hook rows allows for size adjustment when you need more pressure (caused weight loss).
ABOUT LATEX: Our Latex is 100% natural and with a very little smell. This smell is temporary and will go away in no more that 3 to 4 days. If you do not like the smell leave your cincher in a well ventilated area and it will go away.The latex layer will increase your abdominal area temperature (Sauna Effect), it will cause you to sweat and reshape and reduce fat deposits. The inner layer has been designed to absorb the sweat so that you will not feel uncomfortable.
ABOUT OUR QUALITY: Not all waist cinchers are created equal, our product is manufactured in Colombia in our factory, and we have been manufacturing waist cincher for more than 20 years. Our Waist Cinchers have been designed to last many months used on a daily basis. The latex core of this product is approved to be used on your body. Many other cinchers use rubber witch is harmful for your health.
ITEM OTHER USES: This product strong enough to be used as a Boned Waist Training Corset, if you are into Waist Training this product will help you with that. Some buyers has reported good results as Waist Training Belt or Waist Band. Use with proper clothing it will be also invisible, buyer use this product under their clothing at work, the molding pressure and the sauna effect will help to make this product your best Waist Trimmer.


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Purpose dressing inLatex

Underclothing and Styles.

As you are dressing in Latexit transformsinto a glossy next in order derma that arrives in sole thickness, hue and shape . It can constrict and paper, developing fresh forms for the physique. Used in fetsh S&M settings or incorporated rightinto street wear, the fetishized sentiment latex offers happens both in social and in private. High-endfashion lines presented latex ensembles in their collections, and pop favoriteshave been wearing latex and PVC garments for decades.
Leather, bondage, and latex clothing is embracing all factors of a fetish standard of living. Latex, once experienced only in sex shops and at fetish gatherings, presently favors the runways of high-end labels. Men and women are more curious thanever as pop stars to put on the stretchy stuff.

Fetish clothing developed of latex or rubber is invogue now-a-days. Developed of highlysensitive and narrow materials, latex fetish clothes demands great maintenance and attention although using, storing and cleaning all of them.
Forget it all we have mentioned about latex lingerie or catsuitsbefore. Recently, latex has emerged as a a authentic clothing sensation, with designers introducing plenty of differentcreations in recent times. Put just simply, would a person who has never had a scrap of latex ( not to mention worn in it) pullit off ?

Rather, the appearance trend isswaddling women’s forms all over the nation. Ladies who put on latex insist they really feel much more badass, hotter, whether their intriguingrubberized items are strategically tucked under everyday clothes orproudly put on boob-lifting display.
The reason that do women like latex underwear, catsuits or other garments?
1. Wearing latex stimulates the senses, there is nothing else product that give the same sensation. Latexwraps your body in a tight covering, revealing your shape without revealing lots of aspects.
2. Wearing latex lingerie appears pretty dissimilar than other lingerie. It’s tight and warm and it holds and skim against your skin in a method that cloth fabrics don’t.
What women express regarding latex lingerie:
Mary, 25: “I’m a little surprised by myself finding out I really appreciate latex! Andwhile putting on chic latex garments helps make me feel feminine and very sexy I believe I would certainly get even more aroused by wearing a cat suit with a practical opening atthe back transforming me into a anonymous sex doll!”
Sammy, 37: “I like latex catsuits! Originally, I was a slightly anxious about exactly what the condition would feel like, and how it might feel and look on me. Most of that worry disappeared when I order a Latex Catsuit, received it, bopened the box, slid it on, and zipped it up. Thefeeling was incredible, pleasant smooth latex, an inside flap under the zipper, the zipper is sewn, there is additional support all over the wrist and ankle holes to prevent tearing. I would definitely purchase more latex catsuits once again soon. I feel my desire for having a closet filled with custom latex garments can turn into something that will take place shortly.”

June, 45: “I enjoy a latex catsuit, pants, corsets, underwearand other latex apparel becauseI enjoy how I look in it, but you won’t catch me putting on any of it anyplace generally there isn’t good ac system.

Emma, 30: “I really like putting on fashion that has some form of a style . I feel combining those products with more simple pieces, such as big blouses or a pure white colored shirt can really tone it down. there are obviously places and times where putting on latex might be a little bit over too much , yet I don’t feel thematerial itself is really offensive ifyou style it right.”

Stacey, 31: “i have a considerable amount of rubber (latex) outfits. and it is very sexy. But its not for putting on daily. I will put on it for a evening out for a sexy type of occasion, although not for simply an event in a bar or a supper at good friends. Youshould realize that you are going to sweat a lot, and also latex catsuits are difficult to get on and off. When youare a little bit of curvy is perfect for you, it will make you look great.”

Kim, 28: “At parties I get a considerable amount of peeks and numerous kudos. Individuals felt persuaded to touch me , and a buddy told me I quite sticky to take in one’sarms. Latex does not breathe, so things gota bit heated under the catsuit.”

Karen, 52: ” Due to the fact that the means my latexcatsuit is made it typically molds itself into the best shape all over my shape. It is so pleasant to dress in due to there really is no irritating zippers torestrict movements. Whenyou have worked your arms in it and the shoulder snaps in place all around you, it is so much fun to wearthe latex catsuit especially. In one phrase , it is fantastic.”

Latex Intolerance.

Women and men that have latex allergicreactions have found that they do not respondto Chlorinated latex. Although this is outstanding news we encourage anyone with a latexallergy to order a sample of chlorinated latex so thatthey can test this themselves. We would advise caution whentesting for any such allergic reaction and ensure that someone is with you for safety. Another methodfor testing is you are allergic to Latex, just try Latex condoms.

High-end fashion lines featured latex ensembles in their collections, and pop stars havebeen wearing latex and PVC garments for years.
Putting on latex lingerie feels very different than other lingerie. Women and men that have latex allergies have discovered that they do not react toChlorinated latex. While this is outstanding news we encourage anyone with a latex allergic reaction to order a sample of chlorinated latex so thatthey can test this themselves. Another means for testing is you are allergicto Latex, just try Latex condoms.