Garter Belt, Suspender, What Katie Did Maitresse Satin 6 Strap Garter Belt

Our most popular garter belt is adapted from a 1950s design with the addition of 2 extra straps to make wearing stockings a breeze. Combining functionality with serious glamour it’s made from vintage style satin, with stretchy power mesh panels, ensuring it comfortably hugs your curves while giving an almost invisible line under clothing. The 6 straps come in particularly useful when wearing fully fashioned seamed stockings as they really do help keep your seams straight. The Maitresse Garter Belt was the first belt we designed, way back in 2004, and it remains our best selling Garter Belt today! Available in either black or white, it’s designed to co-ordinate perfectly with other items from your lingerie collection, whether from What Katie Did or further afield. Our Maitresse is worn by serious stocking enthusiasts and pin-up girls the world over: if you’re new to wearing stockings you’ll find it and indispensable addition to your lingerie collection.

Satin and powermesh suspender belt with hook and eye fastening at back
Gives an extremely smooth line under clothing
6 adjustable metal garter clips to keep your nylons secure all day
Some customers say this garter belt is sized slightly larger than our other belts
Fabric, satin 100% polyester, powermesh 88% polyamide 12% spandex



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Why using suspenders or garter belts

Supporter or garter belts are just one of one of the most constant subjects of men’s fantasies. As well as the one who is putting on is not excluded from their fantasies and desires.

Suspenders or garter belts are a hard option according to some, but they continue to be a weapon of massive seduction for a lot of ladies. Below we clarify why and how to start.

Background of garter belts and suspenders.

Stockings as well as their suspenders owe their beautiful story to the invention of nylon. In 1939 the initial nylon stockings were introduced in the USA as well as were the prompt success that democratized sexy legs. Prior to then, just readily available in costly as well as fragile silk, the brand-new nylon stockings as well as garter belts came to be an accessory of daily life as well as their usage included Europe and the rest of the globe after the war.

The garter belt or supporter, with shoelace stockings came to be an inevitable weapon of temptation. Until the development of leggings by Dim in 1960, some ripped off by drawing a line on the back of their legs providing the perception that they were using stockings. While the shortening of the skirts and the emancipation of the lady replaced most stockings by leggings and trousers, garter belts as well as suspenders still continued to be a promise of glamorous temptation.

Dream of Panty Hose and Suspenders

Putting on of stockings is a dream that would excite as a lot the woman who use them as the guy who are asking yourself. Does she use stockings or leggings? This sensuous information is revealed in time … with a garter discreetly introduced throughout a subtle maneuvering, or later in the evening …

Tool of universal temptation, icon of attractive lingerie, stockings with suspenders or garter belts send out solid sensual messages which thrill most guys. In addition to an aestheticism of the indisputable shape and also soft legs, the actual motivation of these gentlemen would certainly be simpler access to the pants (if you wear one). On the women’s side, using stockings and also a garter belt is synonymous with absolute temptation. Confidence is at its peak, and you feel sensuous and also seductive. Stockings stick out as a hot accessory and vital for very amazing games between fans.

The panties, ahead or beneath suspenders or garter belt?

This is a great subject of argument, and also it is a great equilibrium between technique and also appearances. The garter belt must for functional factors be put on underneath the panties to be able to get rid of the last without eliminating the stockings. Aesthetically, it is frequently endured top. For a sulfurous evening put it on top, sexy result assured. Or use your suspenders and also stockings without panties to solve this predicament, but that’s still an additional story!

How to put on your stockings and also suspenders?

Start by connecting the garter belt to the preferred elevation and then place on the stockings by carefully pulling them on your legs. At tip, loosen up the suspenders and connect the front ones to the top of the stockings. Then comes the fateful minute of the rear hooking, this is where all the efforts of your beautiful prep work can be messed up. Quit the 10 mins of tough fight with your head upside-down, rest on the side of a chair or put your foot on it so the hooks will certainly be at hand. Ultimately change the height of the garters to feel comfortable with your movements.

About eight out of 10 guys choose to see their females in attractive underwear such as equipping with garter belts instead of completely nude. As well as to end the eternal discussion, the suspenders with stockings is certainly what they like, or at least for 61% of them.

It shows up that 6 out of 10 women put on just put on tights, dare to use stockings! They are extremely glamorous and extremely pleasurable to put on, plus they are the resource of happiness for guys. With a garter belt, they are absolutely less convenient, but that makes a massive result on your companion.

If you put on dissimilar shades of stockings and also suspenders, recognize that in general, guys do not discover it extremely hot. However they do not agree among themselves, yet it is better to have minimal suit between your suspenders and stockings. Research study reveals that a lot of women are concerned to match their lingerie.

Lastly, with an event coming close to such as a dating or marital relationship anniversary, 8 out of 10 females like to purchase underwear especially for that occasion. It is known that guys prefer attractive underwear to spice up their evenings instead of sex toys. However if we jostled our routines?

As you all understand, it’s obvious that women enjoy hot lingerie. While males commonly like to look at ladies wearing underwear, females like to wear them even more. Great underwear can make a woman sensual regardless of what type she picks. From an individual point of view, putting on attractive lingerie can provide her a much more self-confidence in her as well as makes her reconnect with her inner siren. This feeling of confidence in her allure is just one of the factors women like lingerie!

Over the centuries, women have actually utilized underwear in different methods as well as for various factors. Although corsets have lately started to gain back appeal, they were classy up until about 60 years earlier. Back then, women tied themselves in bodices to obtain what was when called a wasp waistline. It was desirable at the start of the 20th century that females had a little waistline. Because of this, ladies were commonly put in corsets at a young age to stop their waist from expanding. It was unpleasant, unhealthy as well as simply restrictive. Nowadays, women like corsets and also lingerie for other reasons. For the majority of them, the method they really feel the fabrics on their skin and also the appearance that the lingerie provides is ample!