Garter Belt, Suspender, Slocyclub Women 6 Straps Stretchy Garter Belt and Stocking Sets with Metal Clips

Product Description



Slocyclub Women 6 Straps Stretchy Garter Belt and Stocking Sets with Metal Clips

Highly elastic pure nylon material allows you to avoid tearing and retaining it’s shape even in a large movement.
Secure metal clips and 6 adjustable straps ensure stockings stay up perfectly.



S: Waist 24”-26”/ 61cm-66cm, like US 2-4
M:Waist 28”-30”/ 71cm-76cm, like US 4-6
L: Waist 32”-34”/ 81cm-86cm, like US 6-8
XL: Waist 36”-38”/ 91cm-96cm, like US 8-10
2XL: Waist 40”-42”/ 102cm-107cm, like US 12


Here’s a whisper to you dear

Slocyclub team just focuses on two points – One is to choose amazing and high quality products for sexy women, the other is to concern about what you care about. Buying is just the first step, after sales is our real beginning.

PACKAGE CONTENT – 1* Garter Belt + 1* Stockings (Panty is NOT INCLUDED);
IDEAL GIFT – A surprise gift to your lover;
SIZE – Available in sizes S M L XL 2XL; Please refer to the size chart on the left
NON-SLIP – Body shaping garter belt with 6 vintage straps and metal clips ensure stockings stay up perfectly;
90-DAY-GUARANTEE – Maybe we’re not the best seller but trying to provide the best service and product to you




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Why putting on suspenders or garter belts

Supporter or garter belts are among one of the most regular subjects of men’s dreams. And the one who is using is not omitted from their fantasies as well as needs.

Suspenders or garter belts are a challenging option according to some, but they remain a weapon of large seduction for a lot of females. Right here we explain why and also just how to take the plunge.

Background of garter belts and suspenders.

Stockings as well as their suspenders owe their beautiful story to the development of nylon. In 1939 the first nylon stockings were introduced in the United States and also were the immediate success that democratized sexy legs. Prior to then, only offered in expensive as well as delicate silk, the new nylon stockings and also garter belts ended up being a device of daily life and also their use included Europe et cetera of the globe after the war.

The garter belt or supporter, with lace stockings ended up being an inevitable weapon of seduction. Until the creation of tights by Dim in 1960, some cheated by drawing the line on the back of their legs providing the impression that they were wearing stockings. While the shortening of the skirts and the emancipation of the lady replaced most stockings by tights and also trousers, garter belts and suspenders still remained a promise of attractive seduction.

Fantasy of Stockings as well as Suspenders

Putting on of stockings is a dream that would certainly thrill as much the lady that use them as the male that are questioning. Does she wear stockings or tights? This sensuous detail is disclosed in time … with a garter discreetly unveiled throughout a subtle footwork, or later in the evening …

Weapon of global temptation, symbol of hot lingerie, stockings with suspenders or garter belts send out solid sensual messages which thrill most guys. Along with an aestheticism of the obvious silhouette as well as soft legs, the actual motivation of these gentlemen would certainly be less complicated access to the trousers (if you use one). On the females’s side, wearing stockings and also a garter belt is associated with absolute temptation. Self-confidence goes to its optimal, and also you really feel sensual and also sexy. Stockings stand apart as an attractive accessory as well as crucial for extremely exciting video games between lovers.

The underwears, ahead or below suspenders or garter belt?

This is a wonderful subject of discussion, as well as it is a good balance in between method and visual appeals. The garter belt must for practical factors be put on underneath the panties to be able to get rid of the last without getting rid of the stockings. Visually, it is commonly worn on top. For a sulfurous evening placed it ahead, sexy effect assured. Or wear your suspenders as well as stockings without underwears to solve this issue, yet that’s still one more tale!

How to put on your stockings and also suspenders?

Start by affixing the garter belt to the desired height and afterwards place on the stockings by gently pulling them on your legs. At tip, loosen up the suspenders as well as affix the front ones to the top of the stockings. After that comes the eventful minute of the back hooking, this is where all the initiatives of your attractive prep work can be wrecked. Stop the 10 mins of tough fight with your head inverted, rest on the edge of a chair or put your foot on it so the hooks will be at hand. Ultimately readjust the elevation of the garters to feel comfortable with your activities.

About eight out of ten males choose to see their females in attractive lingerie such as equipping with garter belts as opposed to entirely nude. And to end the infinite argument, the suspenders with stockings is without a doubt what they prefer, or at the very least for 61% of them.

It shows up that 6 out of 10 ladies use only put on leggings, dare to wear stockings! They are terribly glamorous and also very positive to use, plus they are the resource of joy for guys. With a garter belt, they are absolutely less convenient, however that makes a big result on your partner.

If you put on mismatched colors of stockings as well as suspenders, recognize that in general, men do not discover it really attractive. But they do not concur among themselves, however it is much better to have minimum suit in between your suspenders and stockings. Study shows that many women are concerned to match their lingerie.

Ultimately, with a party approaching such as a dating or marriage wedding anniversary, 8 out of 10 women like to acquire underwear particularly for that occasion. It is known that males like attractive underwear to enliven their nights rather than sex playthings. But if we scrambled our practices?

As you all understand, it’s obvious that women like attractive underwear. While males often like to check out ladies putting on lingerie, ladies like to use them all the more. Excellent lingerie can make a lady sensuous no matter what kind she selects. From an individual viewpoint, putting on hot lingerie can provide her a much more self-confidence in her and also makes her reconnect with her internal siren. This feeling of confidence in her allure is just among the factors women love underwear!

Over the centuries, ladies have made use of underwear in different ways as well as for different factors. Although bodices have actually lately begun to restore popularity, they were stylish up until about 60 years earlier. During that time, women linked themselves in corsets to get what was when called a wasp waist. It was desirable at the beginning of the 20th century that women had a little waist. Because of this, girls were frequently placed in bodices at a young age to prevent their waist from expanding. It was uneasy, harmful and also simply restrictive. Nowadays, ladies like corsets as well as lingerie for various other reasons. For the majority of them, the method they really feel the textiles on their skin and also the appearance that the lingerie gives them is more than enough!