EXLATEX Women Latex Bikini lingerie set with bra nipple hole and thong brief with Red Circles Patch -W/O gloves

Small- Bust 33″ Waist 26 1/2″ Hips 35″
Medium- Bust 34 1/2″ Waist 28″ Hips 37″
Large- Bust 36″ Waist 30″ Hips 38″
(1) Lightly dust the inside of the garment with talc before putting on
(2) Use a silicone-based lubricant to shine. Apply a thin coating to the inside of the garment and your skin if necessary
(3) The 3rd method of reducing or eliminating the high friction of latex when dressing is to chlorinate the rubber
Rubber can easily be marked or torn with fingernails if excessive force is used when pulling on your garment. Make sure your garment is well lubricated or talced. You may also wish to wear a pair of light cotton gloves to avoid any damage
When handling latex with bare hands make sure they are clean before coming into contact with your garment. Never contact with copper, brass or bronze
Never expose latex to essential oils
Never expose your garment to naked flame and fire as rubber burns
To shine, we recommend you use a silicone based polish, such as ‘Eros Bodyglide’ or ‘Eros Cult Dressing Aid’
Never shine using furniture polish and avoid oil-based lubricants and creams Do not rub the outer surface of your garment too hard, or with a rough cloth to avoid scratching
Wash rubber garments in warm water. Avoid detergents and soaps. Always wipe away excess ater with a soft towel and leave to dry flat or hung up to drip dry
Never tumble dry, dry clean or iron the garment
Hung up in a cupboard away from sources of heat, light (particularly bright sunlight and strong UV light which will degrade light coloured clothes), metals, oils, solvents, greases and fire. Avoid damp storage conditions

Perfect fashion for lover in the form of BDSM play.
Cut holes for the nipples to lead any guy crazy. It will constantly dreamed to pamper your treasures. And when we bring you to the peak of pleasure, think about a prize for it.
Available in size Small, Medium and Large, please check the size details in the product description
handmade and glued, We accept OEM order as per customer meansurment



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That explains why dressing inLatex

Corset lingerie and Closet.

Puton in fetsh S&M scenes or utilized in to street clothes, the fetishized sentiment latex delivers occurs both in public and inprivate. High-endfashion lines featured latex sets in their assortments,and popular idols have been dressing in latex and PVC clothing for many years.
Bondage, latex, and leather fashion trend is adopting all factors of a fetish way ofliving. Latex, originally noticed only in fetish shops and at proclivity parties, presently favors the runways of high-end labels. Individuals are more curious thanever as pop stars to dress in the stretchy stuff.

Fetish clothing developed of latex or rubber is invogue now-a-days. Developed of narrow and highly sensitive materials, latex fetish clothing demands great care and care even though using, putting away and cleansing all of them.
Disregard all we have said concerning latex undies or catsuits previously. No longer is itreserved for underground S&M parties and fantasy role-play. Recently, latexhas become a a authentic style sensation, byhaving designer labels presenting numbers of various makings in previous seasons. And thanks to a hoard of latex-loving personalities it has dropped its fetishisticassociations and begun penetrating in the general audience. But although the trend is growing on runways and red carpets as well, thingsget, complicated when it goes towearing the look and feel in actual life. In other words, would someone thathas never ever owned a piece of latex ( not tomention been covered in it) pull it off?

Alternatively, the appearance style isswaddling women’s bodies across the country. Ladies who put on latex insist they appear much more badass, sexier, regardless if their intriguingrubberized items are strategically tucked under everyday clothes or happily put on boob-lifting display.
Reasons why do women like latex lingerie, catsuits or other apparel?
1. Putting on latex boosts the senses, there really is nothing else substance that give the same sensation. Latex covers your body in a tight envelope, revealing your form with no displaying too much things.
2. Putting on latex lingerie appears highly dissimilar than other lingerie. It’s warmand tight and it holds and skim against your skin in a means that cloth fabrics don’t.
Exactly what females say about latex lingerie:
Mary, 25: “I’m a little stunned by myself finding I very like latex! Andwhile wearing trendy latex outfits makes me feel very sexy andfeminine I think I would certainly get even more thrilled by dressing in a cat suit with a convenient opening atthe back turning me right into a anonymous sex doll!”
Sammy, 37: “I love latex catsuits! All of that apprehension fell away when I order a LatexCatsuit, received it, bopened the box, slipped it on, and zipped it up. I will definitelybuy more latex catsuits again soon.

June, 45: “I love a latex catsuit, pants, corsets, lingerieand other latex garments due to the fact thatI like how I appear in it, but you won’t catch me wearing any of it anywhere generally there isn’t good ac system.

Emma, 30: “I personally like dressing in clothing that has some kind of a style . I think mixing those materials with more simple items, similar to large blouses or a pure vivid white top can really tone it down. there really are undoubtedly times and places where putting on latex would certainly be a little bit over not well accepted , yet I don’t feel thematerial itself is extremely offensive ifyou wear it correctly.”

Stacey,31: “i have a ton of rubber (latex) outfits. I willwear it for a occasion out for a erotic type of event, but not for just an night in a club or a an evening meal at good friends . You ought to know that you willsweat considerably , and that latex cat suits are hard to put onand off.

Kim, 28: “At events I get a considerable amount of glances and quite a few praises. People feltcompelled to touch me , and a buddy said to me I quite sticky to embrace. Latex does not let air in and out, so it gota bit heated underneath the catsuit.”

Karen, 52: “Because the means my latex catsuit is made it alwaysshapes itself right into the best fit around my form. It is so much fun to put on the latex catsuit especially when you have worked your arms in it and the shoulder snaps in placearound you.

Latex Allergic reaction.

Women and men that have latex intolerances have discovered that they do not respondto Chlorinated latex. Even though this is superb news we advise anyone with a latex allergic reaction to order a sample of chlorinated latex so thatthey can test this themselves. We would encourage caution whentesting for any such allergic reaction and ensure that someone is with you for safety. Another wayfor testing is you are allergic to Latex, just try Latex condoms.

High-end fashion lines featured latex ensembles in their collections, and pop stars havebeen wearing latex and PVC garments for years.
Wearing latex lingerie feels very different than other lingerie.People that have latex allergies have discovered that they do not react toChlorinated latex. Although this is superb news we advise anyone with a latex allergic reaction to order a sample of chlorinated latex so thatthey can test this themselves. Another way for testing is you are allergicto Latex, just try Latex condoms.